Harmony. Genuine harmony. Does something like this even exist? Indeed, as per the Bible, it does. It comes from God, Who is the God of Peace. Furthermore, as a result of Jesus, it is accessible to any individual who decides to stroll in the Will of God. Harmony implies rest and serenity, in any event, when the tempests of life are seething. It is living in a domain over the negative circumstances of life, not on the grounds that you are never faced with them, but since you realize that your God and Father is more than ready to deal with whatever comes your direction. Finding the harmony of God is a strong otherworldly weapon to hold you and I back from being gobbled up of the foe of men’s spirits. With this weapon we can remain against him paying little mind to what he endeavors to bring at us. We will constantly overcome his stunts and trickeries assuming we figure out how to stroll in the tranquility of God.

What is the tranquility of God and how can it vary from harmony with God? The response to this question is crucial to understanding the reason why such countless professors in Christ Jesus are as yet carrying on with crushed christian lives thus scarcely any experience triumph and progress in the Lord.

Harmony with Almighty God is what every single individual who acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior gets right now of salvation. At the point when we give our lives to Christ, we are legitimate, and that intends that through His unadulterated and valuable blood we have been made right with God. This right-standing that we have with Him enjoys give us harmony with God. Since we have accepted His inclination and life, we are at this point not God’s adversaries. We are currently His youngsters. We would rather not conflict with Him and resist Him any longer. We want to do His Will, despite the fact that on occasion we might miss the mark. This is one of the best ways of understanding the change that has happened inside, when we gave our lives to Jesus. Before we were saved, we trespassed and didn’t check or mind. Yet, when we got Christ, regardless of whether we miss it, something inside feels sorry and miserable¬† Let the peace of God reigns in light of the fact that we realize we have disappointed our Wonderful and Loving Heavenly Father. We need to satisfy Him now. We enjoy harmony with God, not as a result of what we have done, but since of how Jesus Christ has helped us and in us through His demise, entombment and restoration. All we experience to do to get harmony with God is to make Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives.

Nonetheless, on the grounds that we might experience harmony with God, doesn’t imply that we find the harmony of God. The tranquility of God is rest in our spirits, paying little mind to what might be happeneing around us. It is really the consequence of the Word of God living in us at such a level that it is greater than anything outwardly of us.

Living in rest and serenity comes because of staying in God’s Word and His Word standing inside us, made alive by His Spirit. At the point when our psyches are remained on God, by being remained on what He needs to say regarding our circumstances and conditions, this produces wealth of harmony inside our spirits, harmony so sweet thus solid that stress is flushed out. Stress is the instrument of the foe. To stress means to be intellectually upset and in this way unstabled. Harmony will deliver soberness of heart and brain. Harmony is understanding what God says and confiding in Him to stay true to His Commitments. The Scriptures say, “Thou shrivel keep him in wonderful harmony, whose brain is remained on Thee: in light of the fact that he trusteth you.” (Isaiah 26:3)

So the way to strolling in the tranquility of God is to keep our brains on Him. Yet, how might we keep our brains on God? By keeping our psyches on what He says. According to on the off chance that He, He won’t ever leave us, nor spurn us, let us keep our psyches on what He says and carry on like it is so. In the event that we accept His commitment, we won’t ever ask, “Master come go with us”, or “Ruler accompany us.” Accepting what He says, we will say, “Father I thank You that You are with me, here and the present moment and will be with me any place I go, on the grounds that You guaranteed it and You can’t lie.” This brings harmony, a quiet and very confirmation that God is here, here with me now, any place I am.

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